Mental Health

The Philosophy of Taoism

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The Tao philosophy is a concept that defines the nature of the world. According to Taoism, the universe is a unified, essential and unnameable process. The Universe reflects yin and yang. Both are ...

Stress Relief at the Office

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The first step to reducing stress at work is to make the right decisions. It's important to realize that time is not an unlimited resource. Prioritizing will reduce stress levels at work and manage ...

Is Qi (Chi) a Real Thing?

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Whether you're familiar with Life force, Metaphysical energy, or Spiritual energy, you may be wondering, "Is Qi a real thing?" Read on to discover the truth behind the concept. Qi (Chi) is the link ...

Stress Relief Music

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Relaxing music triggers the release of compressed energy or emotions in the brain. Scientists at Stanford University say that listening to music changes the functioning of the brain as much as ...

Stress Relief Games

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Some people find puzzle games to be effective stress relief games, but other people enjoy simple actionable games, which do not require you to complete levels or "play" games. Although debate ...

Answers on How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks

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Although anxiety attacks aren't life-threatening, they can be dangerous if they occur in a potentially dangerous environment. A traumatic event or phobia could trigger anxiety attacks and anxiety. ...

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